Below are Past Litters

Born  August 11, 2018 

4 – Girls  we call them

Jeanie, Poppy, Magnolia ‘Noli’ and Becca

3 – Boys  called

Axel,  Riker and Cooper

(All are SOLD)




Sandy D. – Frisco, TX


Kari R. – Lantana, TX

Magnolia ‘Noli’

Chapel B. – N. Carolina



Michelle B. – McKinney, TX




Kaleb K. – Houston, TX




Chris B. – Austin, TX




Amy H. – Schertz, TX




Born July 22, 2017

3 – Girls  and  1 – Boy

We call them – Sophie,  Lucy,  Dottie  &  Ollie

All are Sold

Yawning Pup is the Boy  ‘Ollie’

-In the Photo Above-

‘Sophie’ is living to Idaho

(far right)

The Little Girl with the Black Tux, White Shirt & White Shoes is ‘Lucy’ Living in New Hampshire (far left)

The Little Boy with the Two Black Ears and One Black Eye is ‘Ollie’ in California  (Second from the Right)

‘Dottie’ is Living in California

(Second from Left)


This Little Girl is ‘Lucy’ and is the Smallest Female

Lucy Leaving



Below are photos of our Litter

Born  02.02.2017

2 girls – Ellie and Katie Liz

2 boys – Bunker and

             Chance (Whata)


Ellie is living in Texas with her new family

Steven and Erin


Katie Elizabeth is living in Texas with her new family

Justin and Shannon 


Bunker is living in Illinois with his new family

Allison and Kevin


Chance is living in Texas with his new family

Nathan and Danielle

Chance (Whata) is a big Boy




These Pups are in their New Homes

This Litter was Priced at $2200 ea.

$250 deposit

holds your pick order

– Please ‘contact us’ for more Info –

and the Best Deal on a Smart Pup

‘Veterans – $500 Discount’

(Thanks for your Service)