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  1. I’m the proud momma to Bunker and he’s one smart puppy. He’s such a handsome boy too. He’s taking to training very well and is a sweet natured and loyal member of our family now. Steve was great to work with. He answered all of my questions, kept me updated, and put me at ease with shipping my puppy on an airplane.

  2. We are the owners of Pippa,formerly known as Dottie. She is from Steve’s July 2017 litter of puppies. What a wonderful smart and loving girl! She is a joy to have around! We have recently takin her on her first camping trip and she loved running around and was a good girl staying by us. She will be six months old tomorrow and I’m guessing around 31 pounds so far. We love this girl sooo much! : ) Pat and Paula

  3. We are the owners of Abby from Steve’s July 2017 litter. She is such a character. She is smart and beautiful, and can be a rascal at times. We just love her!

  4. Update on Pippa from Steve’s July 2017 litter. She’s still an absolutely wonderful dog! So smart I swear she is a person! We are enjoying her so much and so happy she is in our family. She’s fully grown now and about 37 pounds. She has really long legs and really does not shed at all, just a little fuzz here and there. She gets along with everyone and has a lot of energy! She loves her walks and can play ball all day. Bordoodles are the best!

  5. Lulu is 8 months old and is sweet and loves to chase and be chased! We’d be glad to meet other playmate doodles in boulder county. Thanks 🙏!

  6. Bailey came to us from Chica and Tucker’s August 2019 litter.
    She is completely house trained. She had accidents when she was younger. But not in a long time. She goes to the back door and kinda shakes the blinds with her nose when she needs to let us know she wants to go outside. She also sleeps in a crate at night. We go upstairs and she just walks right in and lays down. She knows her routine. She doesn’t whine in there and she waits patiently to be let out in the morning. She also walks well on a leash. She knows a few commands. “Get in your house” for bedtime, “sit” and “down” for when she is jumping on people or if she’s on furniture and we need her to move. She has her own dedicated spot on the couch. But she tries to steal other people’s spots. Haha. She is very good with the kids and does not bark much at all. She gets very excited to see visitors. She plays well with my other family members’ dogs. We are very happy with her and love her so much.

  7. Pippa from Steve’s July 22,2017 litter from Chica and Tucker is having a birthday tomorrow. 🥳 Three years old already and the best dog ever! Wish I had the room for another Bordoodle. She’s smart and funny,a joy to have around. I’d be lost without her! Happy Birthday Pippa!

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