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– Bordoodle –

the Perfect Family Dog

A Bordoodle is the perfect combination of the World’s Two Smartest Dogs, the Border Collie and the Poodle and is a great choice for people who like the attributes and intelligence of a Border Collie and want a non-shedding coat. Combining these two amazing breeds greatly reduces or even Eliminates Allergens & Shedding and they are Great Looking Dogs with a soft wavy coat. They are Extremely Intelligent, Friendly, Easy to Train and Very Eager to please. They get along well with other Animals and Children, they are Very Loyal, Fun Loving Pets that Like to Play Games and are Very Attentive to their Family. They don’t usually bark except to warn of danger or a stranger on the property. 

They are also known as BorderDoodles and make Great Companions and Service Dogs with the intelligence level of a little person. 

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Meet ‘Little Miss Sadie’ our newest addition

She is a Registered Blue Merle Border Collie

with Hazel and Blue Eyes and will

have her First Litter with Tucker approx

next March or April (2020)






Our Last Litter of 7 Puppies were

Born August 11, 2018

(All are SOLD)

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Now Taking Deposits for next Litter ‘Summer 2019’

$1800 each … $250 Deposit


4 – Girls  and  3 – Boys

Born August 11, 2018

4 Weeks Old & Ready to Explore


All Seven Pups Sleeping – 4 Days Old

4 – Girls


3 – Boys


Please see the individual Puppy Photos

for this August 2018 Litter on the

Puppy Page